Nanny Placement & Other Placement Descriptions
Long-term Care
We're proud to help clients balance the multiple commitments of home, work and family living. Whether you're searching for full-time or part-time, live-in or live-out childcare options, our dedicated placement counselors will help you find the right caregivers for your special needs.
Every Household Helping Hands candidate must first meet our rigorous selection and screening process.
Our priority is your peace of mind. Each of our candidates is a childcare professional who takes caregiving very seriously. All our Nannies meet our exceptionally high standards of qualifications and are selected for their experience, character and reliability.
Some of our Nannies have been with us for a very long time a reflection of our stability and a sign of confidence. Our success rate in long term placements produces Client/Employer and Candidate/Employee satisfaction rates that are the envy of the industry.
Our long-term Nannies make a commitment to their families for a minimum of one year. However, many of our Nannies are employed by the same families for several years. By securing a long-term Nanny, you will have the consistency of the same professional for continuous care.
The benefits for full time candidates may include paid sick days, paid holidays, and one to four weeks paid vacation. Other benefits may include medical insurance, tuition reimbursement and travel, reimbursement for automobile expenses etc.
Part-time nannies work up to 32 hours a week. Part-time nannies typically earn between $15 and $20 per hour, plus benefits.
Full-time, live-out nannies generally work between 40 - 50 hours and live-in nannies usually work between 40 - 55 hours a week. Live-in or out nannies generally earn between $600 to $1000+ a week plus room and board for live-ins. This salary depends on the background experience, qualifications as well as the job requirements.
We offer summer solutions when your kids are home and you're not. Our summer nannies are masters of summer fun. Our summer nannies give you and your children the consistency of the same loving caregiver throughout the whole summer. Children can enjoy lazy summer days at home, spending time with their favorite neighborhood friends, or having their energetic nanny take them on outings to the park, zoo, museums, and other adventures. Our summer nannies absolutely love making summer fun at home, around town and everywhere! Salary range from $15 - $20 per hour, depending how many children and the nannies background experience.
Short-term/Temporary Care
Once a parent makes a request for back-up care, we locate one of our providers who has experience with the specific age of the child(ren). Providers and parents have an opportunity to speak with one another before the provider comes to the family's home to go over instructions and negotiate the salary. At the end of the day, the family pays the provider the hourly fee. The agency daily referral fee is charged to the parents credit card.
Back-Up Care
Raising a family requires dependable childcare arrangements, whether for a few hours or a few months. We offer the childcare you want and the flexibility you need to attend classes; take a business trip or other overnight stay; as back-up care when your normal childcare arrangements are interrupted due to illness, school holidays, snow days, summer vacation or other emergencies, or whenever family demands require an additional adult on the scene. We provide childcare options suited to your specific schedule. Rates vary from $15 - $20 per hour.
Whenever your plans require an overnight stay, you want peace of mind knowing your children are under the watchful eye of a professional. Whether you're planning a night on the town or need to be away on business travel, our nannies offer trusted care when you can't be there.
Newborn Care
Our newborn specialists provide valuable support for parents - day, night or around the clock. Whether you need a baby nurse, a lactation consultant, someone to help manage the additional care required with multiples, or just an extra pair of hands, newborn specialists offer tremendous assistance during your family's transition time.

We suggest you begin your search early in your pregnancy, so you have your newborn care specialist in place when you bring your baby home. However, we can also handle your immediate needs, too. Baby nurses are available to meet your needs, usually working a minimum of 2 weeks for a family, with some families requesting newborn care for much longer. Salary range $17 - $30 per hour.
Parent Helper
A Parent Helper provides both childcare and light household duties in-home where one parent is home most of the time. They can assist in many ways, do laundry and prepare meals for the family, loading and unloading the dishwasher, taking children to the park, cleaning children's playroom, help with bathing, changing diapers when needed, running errands, car pooling and other activities to support you and simplify your demanding life. Salary range from $17 - $25 per hour.
Family Assistant
What is a Family Assistant?
A Family Assistant is someone who has worked as a nanny, motherís helper, administrative assistant. The duties generally cover childcare as well as domestic tasks such as personal shopping, grocery shopping, family errands and managing the family calendar. When children get older, many professional families seek a mature, self directed person to keep their home organized and drive their children to play dates.
What are the responsibilities of a Family Assistant?
A Family Assistantís duties include everything relating to the childrenís physical and emotional needs to include: childrenís meals, errands, driving to appointments and activities, walking the dog, deliver packages, take care of the dry cleaning. Most will not clean your home or do your laundry. They will also supervise the housekeeper and schedule and supervise outside service persons.
What is the Salary range for a Family Assistant?
The salary for a Family Assistant is based on the amount of experience the candidate has and the duties included in the job description. Family Assistants typically earn between $17 - $30 per hour. The benefits for full time may include paid sick, two weeks paid vacation, paid holidays. Other benefits could include medical insurance and reimbursement for automobile expenses.