Lawn Mowing

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for mowing services or a commercial property owner looking for someone to maintain your property, contact Household Helping Hands today. We will provide you with a complete solution for your lawn care needs.

We service Northern Virginia Region. From townhomes to single family homes to HOA’s and commercial properties. Our trained and experienced crews provide a well manicured look for your lawn.

We offer a few different plans for the season.

Plan A: provides weekly cutting of your lawn.

Plan B: provides weekly mowing of your lawn during the Spring (March 15th-June 15th) and Fall (September 15th- November 10th). Moving to a biweekly schedule during the Summer (June 15th-September 15th).

Plan C: is a biweekly mowing plan.

Lawn mowing consists of: During the mowing season we will maintain the proper height of grass in all turf areas, (weather permitting). Debris will be removed from lawn areas prior to or during cutting. All clippings are to be recycled into the lawn, unless you request us to bag them (additional charges may apply). All walks, drives, and patios will be blown clean. The number of cuts during a season will vary depending on weather and the plan you choose.

Trimming: All defined areas within the turf area, including all trees, shrubbery/flower beds, telephone poles, guy wires, walks, walls, etc., will be trimmed to present a neat appearance.

Edging: All concrete walks and curbing within the boundaries of the property will be edged to maintain a neat appearance, done every other visit. If there is extensive edging, a first time charge may apply
The mowing season typically starts at the end of March/beginning of April and goes until the 1st week of November. This of course depends on the weather.

Rates will vary based on lot size. Please call or email us today for a FREE price quote!