Corporate Back-up Care

Back-Up Child Care … When Staying Home is Not an Option

Staffing Solutions @ Mothers’ Aides understands work-life realities. That’s our business. We’ve provided quality childcare in the Washington metro area since 1979 to more than 50,000 families.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates U.S. employers lose $3 billion a year in childcare related absences due to:

  • illnesses
  • gaps in normal daycare
  • snow days
  • school holidays
  • family emergencies

Our back-up childcare services help employees maintain critical commitments:

  • court appearances & depositions
  • key client meetings
  • new business presentations
  • must-make deadlines
  • travel
  • weekend meetings
  • normal business routines

Who finds backup care valuable?

  • Lawyers who must handle time-sensitive client needs as well as appear in court on specific dates.
  • Corporate executives who have critical business that requires them to be present.
  • Sales and marketing representatives who work on commission.
  • Everyone who wants and needs to be working to maintain their workloads and productivity.