Family Assistant

What is a Family Assistant?

A Family Assistant is someone who has worked as a nanny, mother’s helper, administrative assistant. The duties generally cover childcare as well as domestic tasks such as personal shopping, grocery shopping, family errands and managing the family calendar. When children get older, many professional families seek a mature, self directed person to keep their home organized and drive their children to play dates.

What are the responsibilities of a Family Assistant?

A Family Assistant’s duties include everything relating to the children’s physical and emotional needs to include: children’s meals, errands, driving to appointments and activities, walking the dog, deliver packages, take care of the dry cleaning. Most will not clean your home or do your laundry. They will also supervise the housekeeper and schedule and supervise outside service persons.

What is the Salary range for a Family Assistant?

The salary for a Family Assistant is based on the amount of experience the candidate has and the duties included in the job description. Family Assistants typically earn between $17 – $30 per hour. The benefits for full time may include paid sick, two weeks paid vacation, paid holidays. Other benefits could include medical insurance and reimbursement for automobile expenses.