Lawn Care Services
Set Scheduling

Customers who choose to have a weekly or biweekly mowing schedule are automatically set up for the same day each week or every two weeks. You may elect to change your service frequency at anytime with a minimum of 24 hours notice of your set service day.

Service Skip Option

Should you feel that your property does not require service either due to lack of rain, or excessive heat you may contact us to skip one weeks service. Contact should be 24 hours in advance in order for us to plan accordingly. Same day cancellations will result in a $10.00 cancellation fee.


Payments are received within the agreed payment schedule. If payments are past due, service will be stopped until payment is received.

On Call Visits

Our weekly mowing service routes are grouped by area for efficiency, and we may only be in your area once a week. A special visit on an off-day may be possible, but there may be an extra charge assessed to cover additional employee drive time and fuel costs.

New Pay Per Service Customer

The dollar amount equivalent to two services will be paid in advance of service starting. The deposit will be held open on account & applied to the customers’ final bill. All accounts must have a signed service agreement along with a valid credit card on file prior to any services being performed.

One-Time Service Customer

One-time only service customers are required to pre-pay for all services prior to being scheduled.


A 75% deposit is due before job will be scheduled. Upon completion, the remaining balance is due.


Invoices are generated on the last day of the month. Pay per service customers are billed for services rendered the previous month. (i.e. Services performed in January will be billed out on February 1st) Installment customers are billed for the current month. (i.e. Invoice for January services will be billed out on January 1st.)


Invoices are Net 10. Outstanding invoices will be charged to the credit card on file if not received by the 15th of the month. Invoices will incur a 5% late fee if not paid before 16 days.

Outstanding Balances

Services will be put on hold for customers whose balance exceeds 16 days. Services will resume when balance is paid in full. Balances that exceed 60 days will be turned over to our collection agency.

Property Damage

We carry general liability for your protection. If damage occurs, and you believe it is a result from our company, we will gladly come out and inspect it. Depending on the type and extent of damage, we will either repair it ourselves or pay an outside company to have it repaired.

  • Items left in the yard (such as hoses, balls, toys) cannot always be seen in the grass.
    We try our best to avoid them, but if they are damaged, we won’t be able to repair or replace them.
  • Sprinkler heads or hubs:
  • Prior to mowing:
  • We request you flag any heads or hubs that do not retract into the ground completely.
  • Prior to Aerating or Dethatching
  • We request you flag these items before we arrive to aerate or dethatch your property.
  • We will avoid all flagged items, should any of these item fail to be flagged and are damaged by our equipment we will not be able to repair or replace them.
Rain Policy

We do our best to come on the same day each week, but we must work with the weather. Should St. Louis receive rain we will make our best judgment to continue mowing or delay your service depending on the amount and severity of the rain. We try to ensure ample time for the ground to dry so our equipment does not damage your yard.

If we are delayed by rain and mow a few days later, the following week we will return to your regular mowing day.


You are scheduled to be mowed every Wednesday, but it rains and we are not able to mow your property until Friday. The following week we will return on Wednesday—While this is only 5 days from your previous mowing, over the course of a month (if you are scheduled for weekly mowing) it will equal out 4 cuts in one month.


Payment Methods:

    • Checks
    • Credit Card
    • Money Order

Payment Options:

    • Weekly at the time of service
    • Monthly via invoice (with credit card on file)

Late Payments:

  • Late monthly payments may result in us billing the credit card on file.
General Do's and Don'ts


    • Feel free to call/text/email with any comments or questions
    • Contact us 24 hours in advace if you do not want your lawn cut
    • Direct all special requests (changes of service, additional jobs, etc.) to Household Helping Hands directly, not to the technician.
    • Have your pet’s dropping picked up
    • Make sure your sprinkler system heads go back in the ground


  • Leave hoses, toys, shoes or other objects out in the yard on the normal mowing day
  • Don’t water the lawn on the normal mowing day
  • We look out for your safety, please stay away from equipment when it is in use